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When data protection matters most, trust SunE-cycle for your responsible electronic recycling needs.

What We Offer:

We take your old or unwanted electronic devices (computers, cell phones, or gaming systems, etc.) and deconstruct them.  We then separate the materials by commodity type for proper recycling, keeping the harmful electronic waste out of the area landfills. Our goal is to get as close to zero percent electronic waste as possible. We do not resell or refurbish any data bearing devices such as your desktop computer, laptop computer, tablets, cell phone, and gaming systems.

  • What We Accept:

  • The short answer is anything with a power cord. We do not currently accept CRT computer monitors or old box style televisions (flat screens are accepted). We specialize in recycling your old computers, laptops and desktops. We deconstruct them all the way down to your hard drive platter (this is the disk that contains all of your information), and then destroy that so that your information is safe. For a complete list of our accepted electronics click here.

  • Why Us?

  • SunE-cycle, a division of Sunshine Industries, is a non profit agency providing employment opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. So when you e-cycle with us, you are helping some great people have real job opportunities. In addition, we do not refurbish and/or resale your data bearing electronic items. Many e-cyclers do, which can lead to personal data being compromised. We will offer a certificate of deconstruction for your computer, cell phone, or even a gaming system, so that you know that it was destroyed and properly recycled, protecting your private information.

  • Individuals:

  • If you want to donate your electronic items, you may drop off at our facility from eight to four Monday through Friday. Again we accept any electronic items except box style televisions or CRT computer monitors. We guarantee the safe and total recycling of your computer or any electronic device that we accept. You and your data are safe with us! If you would like a certificate of deconstruction, please print this form and fill in the information. Bring this form to us and once your electronics have been deconstructed, we will email you the certificate of deconstruction.

  • Businesses:

  • For a small fee, we will be glad to pick up large orders in our box truck and provide you with a certificate of deconstruction. We deconstruct your computers all the way to the hard drive, including destruction of the hard drive platter which contains all of the information and/or data. Please call us to schedule a pick up.


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SunE-cycle News

WBIR news reported on our e-cycling Christmas lights campaign. Watch here.

In our second season, we collected over 1,200 pounds of old Christmas lights keeping them out of the landfills! Thanks to everyone who helped us with this effort.

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SunE-cycle was recognized as a green achiever by
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We specialize in computer recycling. We protect our clients data and personal information, while keeping computers and electronic waste out of our landfills.

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